Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Fighting Through Our Pain solely efforts are to bring awareness to Sickle Cell Anemia. 


Founder/CEO: Corlez Dillett

Corlez is a passionate advocate for Sickle Cell Anemia. At a very young age, she was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia. Her early childhood is what set the motion towards her becoming an advocate for Sickle Cell. Doctors told her what limitations she would have, she over exceeded the impossibilities and made them possible. In 2000 she graduated high school and in 2004 she graduated college with a bachelor’s degree. She is a graphic designer and is skilled in Visual Communications.  She’s a media specialist who is experienced in customer service. And a new author who is venturing off into the world of media and podcasting. 

Born in August of 1981 it was only three months later that she would be diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease, for 37 years she’s been a fighter and continues to fight for a cure. She works in the media ministries at her church. She puts God before anything. Corlez continues to advocate and spread education about Sickle Cell on a daily basis.



President/CEO: Naomie Pigatt

Make your life Count! Advocate, Speaker, Public Relations, Business Owner, Organizer and Event Coordinator, Naomie Pigatt works to make her life count. Naomie Pigatt is best known for serving Youth,  Women, and Community Organizations, Naomie Pigatt is passionate in Advocating for Sickle Cell Disease, motivating, and making an impact on many projects and people she interacts with.

 Who is Naomie Pigatt? 
Naomie Pigatt was born in Miami, Florida in 1981. Naomie who is married to Errick Pigatt with her 5 beautiful children has been active in serving her church and community while at the same time fighting through her pain. Naomie who was born with sickle cell disease continues to try to help others. Her main saying is, "It could be worse", "So try to look at life in a positive way".. Naomie Pigatt has her degree in Early Childhood Education and is The Advocate for Saving Sickle-Cell Lives. She is also the public relations and event coordinator for Saving Sickle-Cell Lives. Naomie and her husband are also COGOP FL State Youth Teen Talent Director which is approximately 130+ churches. Naomie and her husband also serve as the COGOP District II Youth Director for 14 churches. Naomie has been the PR, Web Developer, and Event Coordinator for multiple businesses, organizations, and her church and community. Naomie has now come together with Corlez Dillett to bring about a Sickle Cell Awareness Real Lives TV show called Fighting Through Our Pain. 





Medical Chief Executive Officer: Thomas J. Harrington, M.D.

Asst. Prof of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine - UM

Director of Jackson Adult Sickle cell program since 1995-

Director of Adult Hemophilia Program since 2004-



College - Boston College B.A in Philosophy

Med Sch - Miami

Residency and Hematology Fellowship - Jackson/UM

Oncology Fellowship - University of Minnesota


 Attending at Miami V.A Hospital

Physician at Camillus Health Concern (Health Clinic for Camillus House)

Multiple past and current research projects in both areas 

Board Certified Hematology and Internal Medicine



Neuropsychological Dysfunction and Neuroimaging Abnormalities in Neurologically Intact Adult Patients with Sickle Cell Disease 2005 to Present:  Multi-center study to investigate the extent of neurocognitive dysfunction in neurologically asymptomatic adult patients with sickle cell disease, association between neurocognitive dysfunction and imaging abnormality, determine if chronic transfusion improves identified abnormalities. Co-Principal Investigator, responsible for recruitment, medical monitor, follow-up of patients, compliance with administrative and protocol requirements; supervise the adult nurse practitioner who coordinates, collects and reports data for the coordinating center.

 Multi-center Studies for the University of Miami Research Site: Studies primarily funded by National Institute of Health (NIH) National Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Multi-center study on Hydroxyurea in Sickle Cell Anemia (MSH Study), Extensionl. 2005 to present: Follow-up to investigate long-term effects of hydroxyurea. Coprincipal investigator at University of Miami; participated in the recruitment, medical monitoring, and follow-up of participants according to the protocol

Multi-center study on Hydroxyurea in Sickle Cell Anemia Follow-up (MSH Study) Follow-up to investigate the effects of prolonged use of Hydroxyurea. Co-Principal Investigator at the University of Miami, 2003-2004

Multi-center study on Hydroxyurea in Sickle Cell Anemia (MHS Study), Co-Principal Investigator at the University of Miami; Initial study to investigate the effects of Hydroxyurea in a decreased rate of hospitalization, diminished frequency, and intensity of pain crisis. 1996- 2000

 Hip Coring Study; Multi-center study to investigate the efficacy of hip coring versus conventional hip surgery. Medical monitor to screen adult patients for inclusion criteria to participate in the study; 1997- 2004

 Other studies in Sickle Cell include:

Selexis - panselectin blocker for prevention of sickle cell crisis
GBT 440 - oral treatment to improve Hemoglobin 
STRIDE 2- Stem Cell transplant for sickle cell anemia

Thomas Harrington, M.D.
Division of Hematology/Oncology
University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital

Advisory Board / Assistant Event Organizer:

T.J. Brown 

T.J. Brown has spoken at more than 80 events as a motivational and health/wellness speaker. He is a sickle cell survivor, as a child, he was told he wouldn't live to see 14 and that he would not be able to have kids. Most people with his illness have a lifetime of pain and suffering. T.J. lost his spleen at two and his gallbladder at 19. After having several close calls with death, T.J. chose to stand up and make a difference in his life. There are many who are experiencing the benefits of natural/healthy living. Through resilience and self- development, T.J. has used his message to inspire others to accomplish their goals no matter what difficulties they may face. He also spreads the word through poetry, art, music, collaborations, and participating/hosting events.
T.J. Brown is currently a health and wellness public speaker/Health guide and Founder of Sickle Cell Natural Wellness Group (SCNWG), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization started in August 2010. The mission of SCNWG is to support health advocacy and build global awareness for Sickle Cell Anemia. Our dedication is to better the lives of those living with Sickle Cell Anemia and the Sickle Cell trait through education and healthy lifestyle choices. SCNWG reaches out not only to people with Sickle Cell but also others living with life-threatening diseases with the simple fact that proper nutrition can result in a healthier lifestyle. The group gives back by visiting churches, homes, schools & hospitals delivering health foods, wellness supplies, and holistic wisdom.


 Chief Editor:  Errick Pigatt   

 Errick Pigatt studied film and Theatre. He also got his degree at Miami Dade College. While at Miami Dade College he starred in many plays and shows. Errick Pigatt has created an edit multiple videos for businesses and organizations. Errick is also the husband to Naomie Pigatt.


Advisory Board / Special Edition Co-Host:  

Jessica Felix

Jessica Felix, The last born yet the only one in her family of 4 with Sickle cell anemia. Diagnosed at young age doctors explained to her mother that she would not live past 18 years old but here she is at 32 still fighting through her pain. 




Advisory Board: Hector Jimenez


Hector Jimenez is Founder and Ceo to The SickleCell Apparel. Hector Jimenez a guitarist, producer, and actor borne in the Dominican Republic.  The arts have always been a big part of my life, especially music. 

Even though I have a degree in audio engineering, and mostly dedicated my talents toward producing and recording music. I always wanted to create a clothing line. One which had that urban streetwear flavor. I have always had my eye on urban fashion. I took my time into creating this brand because I wanted to pour my heart and soul into it. I also choose to design and name it around sickle cell anemia. This has been a part of me since the moment I was born. It's not what has stopped me but in turn given me the strength to endure any challenge that life has thrown my way.  I was diagnosed at about 3months and have SS Type I have dealt with chronic pain. All my life. Till Dr. Harrington tried hydroxyurea this helped me to greatly decrease the amount of crisis and pain. That's why my clothing is more than just a brand its a way of life. I wanted to create a clothing line that gave a voice to anyone with sickle cell and yet did not alienate those without Sickle Cell. Hector is still fighting through her pain.